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Angela Bowman

Right on, Rosie!


Go Rosie!!!!
You are all three "rosy" in one way or another.....


Fantastic all around!

becky c.



You make a great Rosie!! I love it!! Hope you had a great halloween!


Lots of "awwwwe" to the girls' costumes and a big chuckle at yours. How perfectly appropriate.

tina stenborg-davies

Simply love the costumes but you top the lot. You look simply brilliant, Pia. Lovely.


Thanks! You all are sweet, indulging me in my crafty mama ambitions.

Ange, you know take the credit for the Rosie inspiration. Once again, you get nods for creative gift giving!

Hope everyone got all their favorite Halloween candies and none of those yucky bad peanut butter things in orange wrappers. Do they still even make them?

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